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our candles

the flower candles

This is our flower candle collection. The flowers that are in these candles are from our land and local Blue Ridge Mountains. The flowers in these candles can include rose petals, violets, and lavender.



The ocean Candles

The ocean candles are inspired by the beach. Every time my family and I go to the beach we collect shells for my candles. In my candles there are shells from Folly Beach, Myrtle Beach, Hunting Island, and many more places.

The layered candles

Layered candles create a multi-color candle burning experience. They do more than just make the room smell good, they also give it good looks and feels :)

IMG_4265 2.heic

The dessert candles

Everyone loves the looks smells and tastes of dessert!! in this candle, it is a dessert that will last you over 25 hours. Desert candles are also great gifts and centerpieces.

Mini Candles

The Mini Mountain Light Candle line was originally for meditation. You would meditate till the candle went out. The mini candles are also great party favors and gifts.


The Phish Series 

Inspired by Jaya's love of the band Phish we have created a special line of Phish candles. We hope they light up your Phish experience this Summer!

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