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About MLC


The Story

One day I told my mom ''you know I want scented candles this year for Christmas ''. So, that year (2020) I ended up getting a scented candle-making kit. I tried it out and automatically fell in love with the creative process of making candles, the suspense of how the candle will turn out, and the design where you can put all your thoughts into it. All through the Covid quarantine, I started making more and more candles. I found candle supply companies and the best tactics and techniques to perfect my products. After that I started selling them, first to mainly people like grandparents and family, next to my friends and people I in my community, and now to you. And that is how my business Mountain Light Candles got started.


MLC Photos


Mountain Light shipments going out (2020)


Mountain Light Candles sale at

Dancing Bear Toy Store in Asheville, NC. (2020)


Mountain Light Candles workshop at the MLC Studio in Asheville, NC. (2021)


Mountain Light Candles sale at the Asheville Farmers Market (2022)


Mountain Light Candles shipment to the Sun Waters Spa in Colorado. Thanks for the order! (2021)


Jaya drilling holes in candles preparing for the holidays. (2022)

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