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Candles Lighting up Lives...

25% of all Sales go to

Support Local Non-Profits. 

Mountain Light Candles


by Jaya

Meet Jaya

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Hi I'm Jaya I'm so happy to be sharing my tiny business with all of you guys. I love candles, the way they light up the world, the way they bring people together, and I especially love making them. It just brings me joy and happiness when I'm making candles it makes me feel at home and inspired. I know when someone gets one of my candles it will bring them just as much joy as it brings me. I am so happy to be sharing all this with you. I hope you enoy Mountain Light Candles.

All-natural Scented Candles

It is really important to me that my candles are all-natural. The wicks are all-natural, the scents are all-natural, and the wax and all other ingredients are all-natural. One of my favorite types of candles are the ones with local flowers and other elements from our land and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains where we live. 

Scented Candle

Mountain Light Candle Favorites


“I love my Mountain Light Candle Jaya, her mission, and the candle all bring light to my life.”

SAMantha, North carolina

giving back


I realize that it is a big privilege to be able to run a candle business at a young age. 25% of each sale is donated to a local non-profit organization. It is my hope that each candle can light up someone's life.  Thank you for supporting Mountain Light Candles and our non-profit partners. 

candles lighting up lives project

Learn How from Jaya and MLC

Learning how to make candles has been such a fun and exciting adventure. Not only do I love learning but I also love teaching. On this website, I will be sharing some tips and tricks on how to make candles, and in the future I will be doing some lessons or workshops.

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